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On-Campus Frat Makes Their WiFi AirPennNet, Mass Confusion Ensues


Photo by MJ Kang; Public Domain

This past Thursday, students walking down Locust realized that they couldn’t connect to AirPennNet. 

“It kept asking me for a password. I put in my Penn login information, but it wouldn’t work,” explained Lily Thompson (C ’20).

After receiving a tip, UTB reporters tracked down Theta Fig member Jack Christianson (W ’19) and asked him for comment. 

“I live in our on-campus frat house and I couldn’t help but think how funny it would be if we named our wifi 'AirPennNet,'” said the junior. “Students and faculty won’t know which one is the University wifi and which one is ours. It’s genius.”

By late Thursday evening, packs of students could be seen roaming up and down Locust, waving their phones in the air in hopes of connecting to some WiFi network. 

Students tried to connect to AirPennNet-Help, AirPennNet-Device, and AirPennNet-Guest, but nothing would work.

“Yeah, I bought three more routers and named them all after Penn Wifi systems. I was really bored yesterday,” said Christianson.

Friday morning, students claimed that they still couldn’t get on the real AirPennNet even though Christianson disconnected his fake routers the night before. University officials have confirmed that the real AirPennNet is just slow and unreliable, and they are working on fixing the issue.