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Breaking: Senior in GEOL 100 Really Just Cares About Rocks


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"Distribution requirements suck," sighs Lena Brownstein (C' 18). Brownstein, a Comparative Literature major, is currently enrolled in Introduction to Geology (GEOL 100) to fulfill her Physical World requirement. 

"If I had it my way, I'd never step outside Fisher-Bennett," she laughed a dark laugh, tinged with a hint of resentment that betrayed her underlying frustration. 

Many students in the College find themselves bogged down by the thirteen separate distribution requirements. Though meant to provide a well-rounded liberal arts education, the requirements often are, as Brownstein bluntly puts it, "a pain in the ass." 

Students find themselves taking the least challenging courses possible in order to maintain a LinkedIn-worthy GPA while still being eligible to graduate. She snorts. "What kind of nerd actually wants to take Introduction to Geology?"

Enter Joshua Robinson. The College senior is an Art History and Cinema Studies double major who hopes to become a curator at an auction house or a museum.

When asked why he chose to take GEOL 100, Robinson simply stated, "Rocks are cool."

"I like that they feel cold when you touch them. I like to watch them, and I like the shapes that they are," Robinson mused. Moving!

It's refreshing to see a Penn student wholeheartedly pursuing something they care about in this day and age.