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Student Calculates Number of Ways to Reconstruct His Schedule After Dropping CIS 160


Photo by thintallbayo // CC0 

Midterm season is upon us! Many schedules (and self-esteems built up by excelling during high school with little effort) won't survive it. Perhaps no class will see a larger net change, however, than CIS 160. Penn has graciously made the class a requirement for CIS majors and minors, so  students have the opportunity to take it until they pass.

Freshman Jim Sands (SEAS ’21) is just one of many students considering dropping it, after achieving a negative score on the exam (he ended up placing in the 52nd percentile). “Some of those proofs were so bad that the TAs were personally offended. It’s fine though, a number will never define me!” he told us.

Sands took it upon himself to do what any other CIS 160 student would do: calculate all the ways in which his schedule could be ordered for the next three and a half years if he decided to drop. “There are a lot of possibilities, and the future looks bright. Out of the four-hundred trillion possible outcomes, I think the schedule with Gender Studies and the ‘How to Write About a Book You’ll Never See’ writing seminar back-to-back next semester would be the chillest.”

Here at UTB, we laud Sands’ decision, and wish him nothing but the best if he does end up staying with CIS.