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Embarrassing: Student Accidentally Calls Professor Mom


Photo by hackNY.org / CC BY-SA 2.0

Just when Nick Snyder (C ‘21) finally worked up the courage to participate in his 300 person Psychology 001 lecture, things took a turn for the worst.  

“I called my professor ‘Mom’,” Snyder told us, “She asked if anyone could tell her about Sigmund Freud and it just slipped out. The entire lecture hall laughed at me.” Immediately following the incident, Snyder fled the classroom.

Unfortunately for Snyder, things have continued to escalate since his blip. “Someone started a rumor that I have an Oedipus complex,” explained Snyder, “So what if I get jealous when she calls on other students? That’s normal.” Though Snyder’s classmates noted another incident in which Snyder had flipped a desk over after witnessing another student receive praise from the aforementioned professor, things are still up in the air. “I tripped," countered Snyder.

Snyder made it clear that, after his scarring experience, he will never participate in class again.

One of Snyder’s classmates, Samantha Bristol (W ‘19), thinks this is an overreaction. “It could be worse,” she said, "He could've said ‘Daddy’. Been there before!”