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This Student Interned as Waka Flocka’s Blunt Roller This Past Summer


Photo by Adam Bielawski / CC A-SA 3.0 (edited by MJ Kang)

When most students think about summer internships, they usually think about working for companies like Goldman Sachs or researching under a professor at Penn. Jason Cai (C ‘19), however, had something very different in mind.

Cai landed a prestigious position under rapper Waka Flocka Flame, who is best known for his songs “No Hands” and “Hard in da Paint.” The Vagelos MLS Scholar and self-proclaimed “Cannabis Connoisseur” was selected out of over 60,000 applicants to roll blunts for Flocka.

We were able to reach Cai for a brief interview.

UTB: Jason, thank you so much for joining us.

Jason Cai: Of course, it’s my pleasure.

UTB: So tell us a little bit about what you did over the summer. From my understanding, the job position was pretty similar to as advertised?

J: Yeah. It was a lot of rolling and a lot of weed. Like, a lot. As in I-was-probably-high-this-whole-summer a lot. Flocka was a lot of fun, but I knew that weed meant business to him, so I spent most of my time making sure that it was accessible 24/7. Sometimes he wakes up in the middle of the night and has a smoke. I always keep a little something on his nightstand.

UTB: How does it feel to get picked out of so many applicants? If you don’t mind us asking, what did your resume look like?

J: Honestly, it was basically the one I gave out at all those OCR events. I just put it into MS Paint and copy and pasted pictures of HUF socks and also wrote “420” in big red font a bunch of times. I guess that managed to catch his eye. When I found out that I got the position, I remember calling my mom and saying, “Mom, I just got my dream internship! I’m going to roll blunts for my favorite rapper this summer!” She didn’t take it too well. But she was happy with how well it paid.

UTB: Was there anything surprising that you learned about Waka Flocka during your 4 months with him?

J: He really hates big feet. I have size 13 feet and when he first saw me, I thought I was going to get fired on the spot. He didn’t like them at all. I also don’t know what going “hard in da paint” means, and I found out that he didn’t either. He just made it into a song and it worked.