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Christianity Win! Students Given Free Mini Copies of the New Testament on Locust Actually Converted


Photo by Edward / CC 2.0

Wow! These Penn students were handed free pocket-sized copies of the New Testament on Locust, actually causing them to immediately begin the conversion process. Christianity win!

The students who decided to convert were initially averse to Christianity; their concerns included the religion's mingling with racism, sexism, and homophobia throughout much of history. Then these students encountered some preachers on Locust who handed them free mini copies of the New Testament.  

All of the students' initial complaints immediately vanished once they saw just how small the free copies of the New Testament were. These copies fit cozily into the palms of most students' hands.

One of the students who decided to convert after receiving a mini copy commented on how profoundly moved she was by the book's strikingly tiny size.

"I can't actually read any of the words because the text is so small, but the mini New Testament is just so cute," said Susanna Gross (C '20).  Though she was unable to actually use her new book, Gross decided to abandon her current religion and convert immediately after receiving her mini New Testament copy because it is just so darn cute.

"If this copy of the New Testament is this cute, then Christianity must be pretty cute too!" Gross added.

Who says your walk to your 10 am recitation in DRL can't be life-changing?