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Thank God! This A Cappella Group Just Released "Teaser" Photos for Their New Album


Photo by Collin Knopp-Schwyn / CC 2.0

Thank God! Penn's premiere a cappella group "Pitch, Please!"  just released teaser photos for their new album "Shine: A Cappella Gold."  This photoshoot seems necessary!

Prior to the release, campus was a-buzz with rumors about the group's upcoming album. 

"Will their color scheme be red and gold or red and blue? That's the question everyone's been talking about," said College sophomore Jen Allen.  Allen reported that she was glad that the photos set the record straight: the color scheme for "Pitch, Please!"s fall album is decidedly red and blue.  For the fourth year in a row.  How original!

Another student, when interviewed, spoke about the profound effect the photo release had on him. He called the photoshoot a "watershed moment" that "really turned his week around." 

"Pitch, Please!" allegedly had a two-fold motivation for releasing the carefully-staged "teaser" photos. They wanted to promote their new album, of course; however, they also hoped that this would encourage people to donate to to their GoFundMe for next year's album. They have a conservative goal of raising $30,000 to cover all the costs associated with making sure everyone's solo sounds mediocre. It sure is expensive to make music without instruments!