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OP-ED: Everyone is a Wawa Fake Fan


Photo by Natalia Josephs

I am so tired of all these out-of-state students acting like they know what Wawa is. They don’t know what Wawa is. They call it their favorite convenience store. I’m sorry, but I’ve been going to Wawa for 18 years. You’ve just started shopping there. How can it be your favorite?

Yes, you’re right. I am in fact from the city of Philadelphia: Home of Wawa. How could you tell? Perhaps by the fact that the word "sub" doesn’t even exist in my vocabulary, only hoagie.

Speaking of hoagies, people think Wawa is all coffee and hoagies. They don't even appreciate all the variety it has to offer. Like, can you even name five Wawa specialty drinks?

I once saw this girl on the street with a Wawa grocery bag, so I walked up to her and asked if she liked Wawa, to which she responded, “Oh, no. I just think the logo is cool.” It's because of these people that I get asked all the time if I just like the "design" when I sport my 2016 Hoagiefest T-shirt that I bought on eBay. No, I don’t just like the logo. Check my phone. I have the Wawa app!

You might be asking, "What’s Hoagiefest?" I’m not surprised you don’t know—you go home for the summer. However, my home is Philly, home of Wawa, so I get to enjoy $5, any-size hoagies.

Quick! What hot sandwich does Wawa serve exclusively during the Thanksgiving season? Oh wait, you go home for Thanksgiving. My bad.

I’m not trying to sound rude or anything. I’m simply taking a stand, and I think I’m speaking for a lot of people who are too afraid to say it: If you don’t have a Wawa credit card, then I’m sorry, but you’re nothing but a Wawa poser.