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OP-ED: I'm Not a Bandwagon Eagles Fan, They're My Home Team Now


Photo by Kevin Burkett / CC 2.0

Look, I'm not a bandwagon fan of the Philadelphia Eagles.

I mean, it's true that up until last year, my favorite team was the Patriots. But then Tom Brady started weirding me out a little, and I had to find a new team.

It's also true that I've liked a lot of successful teams in the past, like the Packers and the Broncos. But, I did start liking the Broncos before they won Super Bowl 50. I actually began rooting for them when they went to the playoffs in 2014, but who's counting?

It's only natural that I root for the Eagles since I'm now a Philadelphia native. I mean, on Facebook I changed the city I'm living in to Philadelphia while my parents were still unloading my belongings. I have "PHL" in my Instagram bio. I dine in Chinatown at least once a month. I've had a cheesesteak. (Granted, I didn't like it, but still.)

So, yeah. That's why I'm a fan of the Eagles. It's totally not because they have the best record in the NFL, thanks very much.

And, no, I don't know who Chip Kelly is, so stop asking!