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Seyoung Kim


'Our Students Are First-Generation, Low-Income, and Obscenely Privileged, Too,' Says Amy Gutmann

We call on the great silent majority, the privileged students of Penn: Be loud. Be proud. Never forget that you, above everyone else, matter.

Figments of Our Collective Imagination: Amy Gutmann As a Mythological Symbol of the American Dream

Always appearing at official university functions, but only from a distance. So rarely seen that meeting her around campus is a newsworthy event — one that must be documented with photographic evidence for your peers.

Main Line Girl Who Goes Home Every Weekend 'Starting to Miss Campus'

"On very special occasions, like the birthday of Theresa’s favorite horse, Timothée, her mother might even pick up Theresa and her laundry basket from campus."

Penn Cracks Down on Visiting Other People's Animal Crossing Islands

"By visiting others, you could be putting yourself — and your loved ones — at risk, no matter how fun it is to break all your friends' rocks and run around whacking them with a net. Believe me, I know.”

Amy Gutmann Diagnosed With Rare Medical Condition: Can Only Read Change.org Petitions

Gutmann has been diagnosed with a rare neurological condition: she cannot read or comprehend text that is not in the form of a Change.org petition.


Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck. Fuck!!!

Editorial | We Don't Need a Trader Joe's Shuttle. We Need a Trader Joe's Private Helicopter.

Additionally, since shuttles increase the congestion on Market Street and cause traffic jams, providing a private helicopter service would be just as, if not more, environmentally friendly than a shuttle. Finally, shuttles are simply uncool, and typically have bullies sitting in the back.

I'm A Feb Club Ticket Bot. Here's My Story.

So I’m writing this to ask: before you judge me, before you ridicule me, before you condemn my very existence — you need to hear my story.

The Statesman Condemns Penn Democrats for Accepting Student Government Handouts

Describing members as “freeloaders” and “welfare queens,” Statesman Editor-in-Chief Madeleine Jacobs (W ‘21) criticized the group’s status as a SAC-funded group.

OP-ED: Penn Should Build the Seyoung Kim House

It would be a house just for me and my closest friends. We could hang out every day! It would be so much fun. I don’t say this enough, but I love my friends a lot.

New College Family Furious as Penn Renames New College House after Lauder Family

New College House will be renamed as Lauder College House after a major donation from the Lauder family, which sources say dwarfed the New College family’s by nearly 10 times. The move sent New College patriarch Robert William New College II into a fury.

Senior Excited to Graduate from Penn Bubble to Silicon Valley Bubble

While other interns took weekend day trips up to San Francisco, Johnson contented herself with Ubering in an endless loop from Mountain View to Palo Alto, down to Cupertino, and back to Sunnyvale. While her friends went hiking over the Fourth of July weekend, she visited her top Bay Area attractions: Facebook’s campus, Apple’s campus, and Google’s other campus. 

Eugenics Group Disappointed to Learn EAS 203 Is Not 'Engineering Ethnics'

Members of the Philadelphia chapter of the Eugenicist Values Interest League (EVIL) were spotted in the Towne Building attending a lecture of EAS 203, a mandatory course for all engineering students. Their initial enthusiasm, however, was quickly dampened by the actual contents of the lecture.

4 Ways to Express That I'm Short Without Lifting Me and Twirling 360 Degrees

I know I'm short. I know you think I'm short. I can see how much you want to express it. By all means, go ahead.

Wow! MEAM Student Creates Innovative Device to Work New, Unfamiliar Showers

He's set his sights on one of the most difficult engineering challenges of post-industrial life.

5 Steps to Stop Shirking Your Club Responsibilities Once and For All

Life has been busy. Homework is endless. You were supposed to send those emails a while ago.

OP-ED: I Drink, Wash My Dishes, and Bathe in Wawa Water

Wawa water is not just for drinking.

Top 5 Lecture Halls for Eating a Loud, Smelly Meal

Have you ever picked up your second chicken over rice of the day and thought to yourself, "Hmm... I wonder which hot, crowded, uncomfortable classroom I should eat this in?" Well, we've got five lecture halls where you'll be sure to make your classmates gag!

Freshman in CIS Office Hours Confused by TA's Response: 'At Two-Hundred Twelve'

Freshman Jack Liu, a prospective CIS major, attended CIS 160 office hours on Tuesday evening to receive guidance on his homework. Unfortunately, he left more confused than when he entered.

Senior Who Cut 50 Students From Club Furious Over 'Impersonal' OCR Process

"I hate how they pretend to get to know you and then reject you. It just feels fake and impersonal," complained Chan, whose club cut 50 freshmen after reading through responses to insightful, personalized questions such as, "Why do you want to join DIVEST?"