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​Girl Keeps Dollar Sign Nose Piercing in for Interview, Gets Goldman Position


Picture (with edits) by PublicDomainPictures / CC0

Interviewers aren’t known to be big fans of facial piercings. That’s why when Winne Rose Cohen decided to keep hers in for her Goldman Sachs interview, people thought she was setting herself up for failure. “I’m not going to lie,” her friend Maria Biesecker tells UTB, “I told her to keep it in. I really wanted that position. I didn’t know my backstabbing would backfire on me.”

As it turns out, Cohen’s interviewer was impressed with the gold, diamond embossed dollar sign nose stud. He comments “it showed us that she has a deeper connection to money so much so that she feels the need to parade it around on her face. That’s all we’re looking for here at Goldman Sachs.”

When asked for comment on why she kept the piercing in, all Cohen had to say was “this piece of jewelry is worth more than the average person makes a year. I just went to that stupid interview to shut my parents up.”