Equality in Action: Penn Now Requires ALL Students Pay Full Tuition


Photo by OpenClipart-Vectors / CC0

Those of you who have been around Penn for a while know it’s not the most fair place. Legacy kids have a much higher chance of getting in, the meal swipe/dining dollar exchange rate is a ripoff, and people with green eyes are given a new boa constrictor for free every month. 

But starting next year, the glaring inequality at Penn will become staring (a little less intense than glaring).

President Amy Gutmann announced on Wednesday that starting in the fall of 2018, all students will be required to pay full tuition. Yep, you read that right: ALL students will pay the SAME amount. Talk about a progressive policy!

Gone will be the days of random twerps getting financial aid just because they weren't born with sizable family fortunes, and try-hards working themselves to exhaustion for scholarships that harshen the enormous blow of college tuition. With Penn’s new tuition policy, the playing field will be finally level.

In a perfect future no students will be able to register for courses, and students will have equal, nonexistent access to CAPS. We applaud the administration’s first steps toward creating a truly equal college experience.