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Facebook Adds "Actually Going" to Event Invitation Responses


Photo by Lauren Sorantino

Wow! Facebook just made headlines, adding an "Actually Going" option to the site's existing event response options.  

This new option was added after users complained that people who responded "Going" to their Facebook events did not actually attend. Most students who regularly click "Going" to events they don't attend cite "maintaining an air of coolness" as their main motivation for doing so. Multiple Penn students praised Facebook's decision to add the option.

"It's so nice to know roughly how many people will actually be showing up to my event so I can buy the correct amount of free items to provide them with," said College junior Anna Hawthorne.

Hawthorne grimaced as she recounted an instance when over 300 people indicated that they were "Going" to her birthday party but only 15 showed up. She had purchased over 15 pizzas and enough cupcakes to provide to all 300 prospective guests (for free). When only 15 arrived, she was dismayed. That's right--there was one pizza per person present at that party.

Hopefully, Facebook's new addition will prevent injustices like this from ever happening again.