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Injustice on Campus: Joe Biden Not Required to Have a Meal Plan in First Year at Penn


Photo: Daniel Schwen / Wikimedia Commons

Over the years two things about Penn have never changed. 1. New Penn students have always been required to purchase the dining plan. 2. Special people get special privileges. But what happens when these two clash?

Joe Biden, new to Penn this year, had a special request for his new school: that he be exempt from the dining plan. “I’m used to Barack’s personal White House chef,” he says. “How can I go from that to dining hall food?”

When push came to shove, President Gutmann could not say no to Biden, especially after his very generous gift to the school. “He paid well over the cost of the meal plan,” Gutmann shrugs. “That money is like half of the reason why we make freshman do it.”

Penn Dining is actually thankful that Biden isn’t eating with them. “Joe needs to stay away from the unlimited ice cream in the Commons,” they add. “We are afraid he’d exhaust our supply, and there needs to be enough for the other students.”