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Joe Biden Eats Bark: Maple


Photo by Susana Jaramillo / The Daily Pennsylvanian 

Former Vice President Joe Biden's love of ice cream and the use of the word malarkey are recognized and celebrated world-wide. 

But what fewer people know is that, in addition to his love for a nice swirl cone on a hot summer's day, Biden really, really likes eating tree bark. Sources close to Joe describe this affinity as an "insatiable appetite" that "knows no bounds," and even as a "ungovernable yearning."  

Many connect his hunger for tree bark to his early childhood in Scranton, PA where he would munch on the crunchy snack when he took to the woods to get some fresh air and feel one with nature. Others say this phenomenon began during his time in the White House where the stresses of the office got to him and his most effective relief was tearing into the fibrous tree skin with his milky teeth. 

This week UTB will highlight one of Joe's all time favorite vintages: a nice Canadian maple bark, with subtle yet loud undertones of evergreen and bird feces, which he enjoys especially in autumn. 

Joe brought this decadent delicacy with him to a Penn investor meeting, and apparently it was a huge hit with most everyone present. Amy Gutmann gushed: "at first I didn't understand Joe's thirst for bark, but now I get it." One confused investor commented that it was "a bit weird" that Biden insisted they all try a bite of something "literally inedible" when the meeting was fully catered. 

Some of Joe's other favored barks include black walnut, a nice mahogany, and even a humble pine bark when he feels like re-living his college years. Delightful!

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