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Junior Creates Club Exclusively For Rich, Attractive People and Himself


Photo from Pixabay / CC0

Brian Relz (E ‘19) sure knows how to step up his extra-curricular game. This semester, Relz struck out on his own to create a club only for rich, attractive students-- and himself. Though not particularly well-known for either his looks or his wealth, Relz is dedicated to his new venture.

“I tried clubs based on my interests, but none of them felt quite right to me. So I thought to myself, what do I really want here? Who do I really want to associate with? Then it hit me: rich and attractive people,” explained Relz. “Why shouldn’t there be a space dedicated for the wealthy and good-looking students of Penn to come together, with me there also?”

Relz noted that while there are specific requirements for membership, the club is still accessible. “All members must be in the top tax bracket. This really doesn’t narrow down the applicant pool much, if I’m being honest.” Relz went on the describe a few additional qualities he expects the club’s members to possess. “They must pay full tuition--that’s non-negotiable. It definitely helps to have some sort of modeling contract or Instagram partnership, but if they live in Domus that's probably enough.” 

“Like I said, this club is really about like-minded, beautiful rich people gathering together in one place as equals. Except I'm there, too.”

Some students were confused by Relz's mission. “I feel like there are actually too many places on campus where people of similar economic backgrounds or levels of attractiveness group together,” said Lily Thomas (C ‘20). “Usually people start new groups to break up that pattern.” Relz, though, maintains that his club will be diverse. “I’ll be there too, remember,” he assured us. 

Relz said that he plans to start accepting headshots and bank statements next week.