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Lucy’s Definitive Spirit Animal Is a Giraffe but Not Because of Her Long Ass Neck


Photo from Pixabay / CC0

While sitting at a table in the basement of Van Pelt on Monday afternoon, Madison Cooper came to a realization that felt so right, it was as if, deep down, she had known it her whole life.

She was in the middle of taking a break from her calc homework, when she realized her friend Lucy’s definitive spirit animal was a giraffe, a fact that had nothing to do with Lucy’s long ass neck.

According to Cooper, Lucy fully embodies a giraffe because she’s, “so happy and loves nature and being outside. Also Lucy’s a vegetarian, and giraffes just love leaves. I see them all the time in pictures just eating leaves. That’s so Lucy!” Cooper had no comment on the striking similarity between the length of a giraffe’s neck and the length of Lucy’s neck, a shared trait visible to any passerby.

In an interview with Lucy she admitted she wasn’t sure a giraffe captured her full spirit. “No I mean I totally agree because I do like salads, but I just feel like there are a lot of animals that like being outdoors. I would say most animals like being outdoors,” Lucy said, adding, “I always thought of myself more as a sea turtle.”

Lucy’s friend Rachel, also present at the interview, was quick to assure her she was definitely a giraffe. “Ok fair, lots of animals like the outdoors, but there’s just something special about giraffes, they just kind of click with you.”

Later Monday evening Cooper confirmed her own spirit animal was a snow leopard, “because I’m super goofy, you know?”