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Penn Football’s Hopes for 41/42 of Ivy League Trophy Dashed After Yale Victory


Photo by George Hodan / CC0 (with edits)

It’s a hard day to be a Quaker. As a school that lives and breathes football, Penn was heartbroken this past weekend when a Yale victory kicked the Quakers out of the running for a cumulative 41/42 of the Ivy League trophy.

In 2015, Penn Football won the Ivy League title in a three-way tie with Harvard and Dartmouth. Last year, they split the trophy with Princeton, bringing their cumulative two-year share of the trophy to five sixths—this year, they needed a six-way tie in order to secure an entire title.

Unfortunately, it became apparent early on that Quakers were not headed for a six-way tie, but a seven-way tie was still possible before Yale’s victory. This seven-way tie would bring the total share to 41/42, or 97.6%. Depending on the professor, that’s an A plus. Alas, Penn Football must be content with its two-year share of 5/6, 83.3%, or a low B.