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Student Pretends to Be Gay for Free Printing


Photo by Sophia Lee / The Daily Pennsylvanian 

CIS major Caroline Engelstein (E ’18) has never had to print at college – her classes never required it. But she knew it was good practice to print out a résumé for an interview, so she set out to print for the first time at Penn. But she was shocked to find that printing costs money.

“I had no clue I would have to pay to use Penn’s facilities,” Engelstein complained. She asked around, and found out the LGBT Center has free printing. What she did not find out was that you don’t have to identify with that community to print there.

For the sake of free printing, Engelstein decided to pretend to be gay. “I think I looked the part. I wore a flannel, a vest, and a snap back,” she says. "I was still a little worried they wouldn’t let me in because I am a CIS major, but gay people can be cis too. I don’t think I have to cover all the letters, right?”

No one stopped Engelstein from printing, perhaps because she shouted "I'm gay" when she walked in, but her résumés didn’t turn out as planned. "The center only had this weird latex paper,” she said. Sources confirm Engelstein printed on dental dams.