Sceney Student Owns 365 Pairs of White Sneakers


Photo by Shinji / CC by 2.0

If you thought you were sceney, you need to meet Alice.

Alice Dencowski may only be a sophomore, but she’s a self-described expert on Penn’s social life. That’s why she has one pair of white sneakers for every day of the year.

“Not to be too selfish or anything, but I, like, always know what’s going on!” the sophomore in Fisher M&T said. “I have 365 pairs of white sneakers because there’s something to do every day. You always have to look your best and try to stand out, so having the whitest sneakers out of everybody is the easiest way to do it.”

Dencowski’s collection comprises of 236 pairs of Adidas Superstars, 100 pairs of Adidas Stan Smiths, and 29 pairs of Gucci Aces. This totals an approximate value of 41,500 dollars, rivaled only by her impressive supply of 31 Canada Goose parkas, vests, and jackets.

Many of Dencowski’s friends were eager to voice their support and admiration for her collection. “It’s just, so incredibly inspirational what she’s doing,” Jasmine Zhao (W ‘19) said. “I’ve never met anyone like her in my entire life. She’s so dedicated to the social scene here. And it’s not like how other people just wear white sneakers because everyone’s doing it or go to parties because that’s what everyone does. She has a genuine passion.”

Dencowski’s roommates echoed Zhao’s comments. “It’s a little annoying how we half to give up half of our living room space to make room for her shoes, but I know it means a lot to her,” one of them said. “We totally support her. We’ve even talked about starting a GoFundMe once she runs out of sneakers to wear.”