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Smart: This Guy Saves Seconds per Day by Riding a Scooter


Photo by Jesse Palmer / CC-ASA-2.0

Everyone wishes they had more time in their day. But Bradley Berkus (E ’20) practically has too much time on his hands: he rides a scooter instead of walking.

Berkus shortened his 17 minute commute to just 16 minutes and 18 seconds by riding a scooter around.

The sophomore can often be seen carrying his beloved scooter around campus. “I love how it’s too small for a bike rack but too large for a backpack, so I get to clumsily carry it around once I reach my destination,” Berkus gushed.

His commute is lengthened by dismounting frequently to walk the scooter over clumps of dirt, curbs, and cracks in the sidewalk. “One time I hit an acorn with my tiny scooter wheel,” Berkus said. “That was a close call.”

On his scooter, Berkus lives in the fast lane. “I enjoy speeding by walkers and seeing how slowly they move compared to me,” he said.

This lifestyle change has given Berkus a new perspective on human locomotion. “You have to wonder why God made humans walk, when he could have given us wheels,” he declared sagely.

“I am a creature of the streets,” Berkus said. “I have no use for feet.”