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Tough to See: Senior Has No Idea How Unrelatable Horse Anecdote Was

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Friday afternoon, around a table at Sweetgreen, Kelsey Peters (C '18) finished telling a full saga about the day she and her family went to Germany to pick up her horse, Blue. Despite the clear ambivalence of her party, it was clear that Peters had no idea how unrelatable her story was.

For Peters, discussing horses is not a new phenomenon. On several occasions Peters has mentioned that she rides horses, and has told several stories about falling off her horse. However, this is the first occasion in which she shared the full story of flying to Germany first class to meet her “baby blue”, a 3 million dollar grey Thoroughbred, the August before her Junior year of high school.

Although obvious to some, Peters managed to detail the entire journey, with no insight into the fact that she was the only person who had ever experienced a situation even vaguely similar.

“When she told us a story sophomore year about breaking her wrist after falling off her pony when she was seven, I could relate. I mean, I never had a pony, but I broke my wrist when I was five after peeing myself and falling while running to get my mom. We’ve all been there!” said Peters' close friend, Katie Rogers. “But yesterday, when she was complaining about how her horse was given Fullered Front horse shoes instead of Rim horse shoes, I was just like, sure I guess.”

According to reporters on the scene, after finishing the story, Peters continued laughing and went back to eating her Rad Thai salad in peace, a clear sign that she did not pick up on the lackluster and very much uninspired reaction from her audience.

Witnesses have confirmed that later that same evening, Peters was discussing her sailing team with a similar detachment form the realities of others.