​Oops! Student Accidentally Wears "Puck Penn" Shirt to Homecoming Game


Photo by The Daily Pennsylvanian

On Saturday, Penn’s football team played one of its biggest games of the year against Princeton. The intense Penn-Princeton rivalry has sparked not only intense feelings from both sides, but also rivalry-specific apparel, too – the most iconic of which is the “Puck Frinceton” t-shirt.

However, not all students sided with the home team this Homecoming.

Peter Jamison (C ‘21), adorned with full red and blue paint like his fellow Quakers, accidentally sported a t-shirt that read “Puck Penn.”

Jamison stated that he was “really, really disappointed that [he] messed up.” “I really wanted to go all out for homecoming. Homecoming back in my hometown in Idaho was a really big deal. Our football team was, like, the best in a 100 mile radius. Granted, it was mostly farmland surrounding us, but still.”

Many of Jamison’s peers were shocked by the incident. “Where did he even get a shirt like that?” said a classmate. “The joke with ‘Puck Frinceton’ is that the letters are switched. But ‘Puck Penn’ just isn’t the same.”

Jamison said that he bought the shirt from The Paily Pennsylvanian's t-shirt sale like other students. We were unable to find contact information for anyone at the Paily Pennsylvanian, so it is unclear how the shirt came into Jamison’s possession.

Despite having a poor football game experience this weekend, Jamison is “excited to see how lit the freshman Homecoming dance is going to be.”