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Inspiring: This Student Deleted Tinder for Two Days to ‘Feel Closer to Nature’


Photo by Tinder Inc. / CC0

Like many other students, Natalia Yang (C ‘19) spends a lot of time on dating app Tinder. And that’s exactly why she decided to delete it.

The junior reported having trouble focusing because the app was “too addictive.”

“I just felt so at peace without it,” she told a UTB reporter. “I found myself scrolling through Facebook during lectures instead of swiping through piles of ugly guys, so you could definitely call it a step up.”

In addition to changes to her behavior during class, Yang made some major changes at home during her time off from Tinder. She meditated for 15 minutes a day, and “bought some plants that made [her] feel closer to Mother Nature.” Other shifts in behavior during her two day hiatus included not showering and not texting any of the 500 guys she matched with, one of whom is a TA for her Econ class.

“Granted, I also ran out of people to swipe through in a hundred mile radius, and my Tinder Gold membership ran out,” she stated. “But I don’t really think that played a role in why I deleted.”

Yang also reportedly went hiking with her friends, who expressed relief that she was making an effort to stay off her phone. “Even though she only deleted it for two days, she seemed, like, really zen and peaceful when we went hiking that one time,” her roommate and closest friend said. “Honestly, I’m proud of her progress.”

We at Under the Button are proud of her too. Inspiring work, Natalia. You’re an icon to us all.