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Student Baffled That Joke About Louis C.K. Didn't Go Over Well in Class


Photo by Natasha Stannard / Public Domain

Who would have thought? When one student cracked a joke about Louis C.K. in class, he was shocked to see that not everyone liked it.

Conrad Timmon (W '19) was just trying to have some fun in his "Gender, Media, and Society" class during a group discussion of recent sexual assault allegations against Louis C.K. Timmon decided it would be a good idea to tack on a joke to the end of his insight about how the allegations relate to classwork. "At least he's not as bad as Cosby," he quipped, convinced that he was making a worthwhile contribution to the discussion. Timmon chuckled at his own joke, but the rest of the class did not follow suit. Can you believe that? 

Timmon certainly can't. Despite his best efforts, he can't understand what the big deal is. Timmon is a self-proclaimed "ally," and he believes the class is aware of his ally status. If this is the case, why are they all so bothered by his noble attempt to spice up class discussion?

"Why can't they just take a joke?" Timmon asked, clearly misunderstanding the hegemonic power structures surrounding gender. C'mon guys, he's just trying to help!