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Sustainability Win! This Girl Only Wears Clothes She Stole from Her Roommate


Photo from Pixabay / CC0

With stronger storms like hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Maria occurring with increased frequency due to rising ocean temperatures, it is clear the threat of global warming is imminent. As President Trump and the Republican Party take a decidedly passive, if not regressive, stance toward environmental policy, America’s ability to help mitigate climate change has been left up to individual communities and actors.

One such climate activist is Claudia Fitzgerald (C ’20), who has taken it upon herself to never purchase a new clothing item again. Instead, she has committed to only wearing clothes she steals from her roommate.

After looking into the incredible amount of fossil fuels used in the production of “fast fashion” like clothes sold at Forever 21 and H&M, Fitzgerald realized she had to make a change. “My roommate Jenny is honestly one of the most stylish people I know. I thought it through, and by stealing all of her clothes I can help the environment, and get the newest trends. It’s a win win all around."

Fitzgerald said her heroic actions have not come without hardship. Last Monday she received a critical message from a cynic of her work, a person Fitzgerald describes as, “not a full Trump type, but definitely not ready to take the kind of steps I am towards stopping climate change.” After posting a “super cute” picture on her Instagram from a BYO the previous Friday, Fitzgerald’s roommate commented, “what the fuck, stop wearing my nice jeans”.

“It was tough to hear,” said Fitzgerald, “but I know change makers will always face criticism in life. Time will tell who is on the right side of history.”