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This Freshman Wants You to Know That His Startup Is the Real Deal


Photo from StartupStockPhotos // CC0 

Tony Hands (M&T ’21) is convinced that his startup will change the world, and he thinks you should be convinced too.

What started out as a small loan from his father to further strengthen his college application led to discovery and personal growth. It slowly but surely became a part of Hands’ identity.

“I think I’ve really got something great going on here. By the way, have I told you about my startup yet?” Hands asked one of our UTB reporters.

Hands’ startup, Calendar Pro, allows for efficiency in the workplace or at home when it comes to managing tasks. “It’s literally a copy of Google Calendar and like 5000 other terrible startup ideas,” freshman Aron Davis (E ’21) objected.

“Calendar Pro is the first-of-its-kind and has potential for a lot of disruption. Obviously, people are going to hate, but entrepreneurs have to learn to tune that out,” Hands responded.

When one of Hands’ classmates, Rasheed Edwards (E '21), kindly told Hands to let him know if he ever needed help with the project (just for the sake of being a good guy), Hands snapped at him. “I won’t be coming to you – you come to me, buddy.”

We at UTB wish nothing but the best for Hands and his future endeavors, as he will inevitably make his way into the world of investment banking or consulting.