Whoops! Budding Freshman Comedian Enrolls in MEAM101


Photo by Earlandez Young / Public Domain

Jared Sullivan (C '21) has high aspirations. After watching Superbad and finding “Man’s Not Hot” before all of his friends, he decided that pursuing a career in comedy might be worthwhile.

The PPE major can always be seen frequenting the Official Unofficial Penn Squirrel Catching Club. He fancies himself as a brilliant meme-maker, and in fact already has five hit posts, accumulating several thousands of likes and sad-reacts in the process.

After being told about a course about the fundamentals of design process and computer-aided design—presumably about memes—Sullivan was ecstatic. He rushed to tell his academic advisor, and was enrolled shortly after.

Unfortunately for Jared, it turned out to be MEAM101.

“It’s actually pretty funny—I see this guy all the time on the Squirrel Catching Club and he just shows up here to be subject to this brutal workload. Is this MEAM101 or is this MEME101? I guess it really is hard to tell the difference,” Mike de Villiers, one of Jared’s classmates, told us.

Jared was quick to tell us that he is valuing the experience and the privilege of having a liberal arts education. “SolidWorks and prototyping will definitely take my memes to the next level,” he confidently asserted.