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OP-ED: I Wish Penn Admins Cared About Me as Much as They Care About the PULSE Survey


Photo by Lauren Sorantino

It seems like Penn cares an awful lot about the Campus PULSE survey, but what I really need is for the institution I attend to express at least a fraction of that interest in me.

I have received tens of emails about this "PULSE survey" from countless Penn administrators and organizations.

Dean Eric J. Furda himself sent me a personal email about the survey, requesting that I "please take some time now (~20 minutes) to make your voice heard."

Whenever I have reached out to Dean Furda in the past, he hasn't responded. Now that he needs something from me, he thinks it's cool to just hit me up? No thanks.

In that same email, Dean Furda explained that I should take the survey because Penn needs "a robust response to form a clear and accurate picture of Penn’s climate and the experiences of Penn students."

Okay, actually, now that I'm reading the email it seems like the whole point of this survey is for Penn administrators to understand how I'm feeling. So maybe they do care about me, but still: they haven't explained what PULSE stands for.