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'Oh Yeah, I Love Weed,' Says Guy Smoking Wrong End of Joint


Photos from PixabayPxhere / CC0 (with edits)

Standing in a circle with people he just met that night, College freshman Gary Carr gripped a joint between his middle and ring fingers and pressed the lit end against his lips. “Ah, marijuana is great,” Carr professed. “Ouch! Better let this one cool down though!” he laughed, immediately reaching for some of the aloe he keeps in his back pocket.

Carr is a self-described “avid drug doer,” who “lights up all the time" - as often as “three times a day.” His drug of choice is marijuana, which he has been smoking “for, like, a long time, bro.”

Anyone standing in the circle was assured of this repeatedly as Carr fumbled with the lighter, unable to produce a flame. “Haha, mine’s a little different…not used to this one,” he chuckled, claiming that his personal lighter produces a flame so big it engulfs the whole joint, allowing for a ”more efficient high.”

Eventually, a worried bystander corrected Carr’s form and turned the joint around. “Oh, it’s one of these,” Carr said, lifting the joint to eye level in order to inspect it. “Yeah, I’ve heard about these. Cool stuff.”

After about ten minutes, Carr claimed he was “super stoned” and excused himself to “eat some of the munchies.” However, he assured the group that he would smoke again later that night, as his plug was coming through “with, like, five or six pounds,” so they should definitely hit him up to blaze later.