​Amazing! Girl in 5 Inch Hoops Only Ripped off One Earlobe Over Course of Evening


Photo from Pxhere / CC0

Real life Wonder Woman Sarah Richards has done it again. After a long night of partying with her girls, Richards managed to only rip one of her 5 inch hoops straight out of her ear in a bloody and gruesome mess.

Richards, whose full left earlobe is now somewhere on the floor of AEPi after violently ripping it off during a "full on jam sesh" to Mr. Brightside, gracefully avoided ripping out her right earlobe several times throughout the night.

“At the BYO, early on in the night, I went to take off my jacket. I caught my thumb in my right hoop, but luckily I felt the tug and gently unhooked my hand from my earring. I really dodged a bullet that time,” she said outside her dorm in the quad, while blood ran visibly from her left ear down her neck. “I'd call tonight a success, for sure.” 

Junior and AEPi brother Matt Stein, who watched Richards rip out her beautiful mixed-metal hoop earring later in the night, was not as impressed by Richards’ success. “I watched as her hand snagged on her left hoop, and I saw the blood. I was horrified by the whole situation. Sarah was in a semi-delirious state after ripping off her earlobe, I think because of the pain. She just kept quietly repeating, ‘It happens all the time! Pain is beauty, beauty is pain!’ To be honest with you, I threw up a little.”

UTB was informed earlier this afternoon that Sarah has had reconstructive surgery and is preparing for another formal tonight. This story will be updated with the status of her earlobes after the event.