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Wharton Sophomore Drops Out After Coming Up With Good Name for an App


Photo from Pixnio / CC0 Public Domain

Katrina Hong (W ’20) started developing her app, Quibblr, last week in her dorm room. Now, she’s leaving Penn for Silicon Valley to take it to the next level.

“I was staring out the window, thinking about how cool it would be to develop an app,” Katrina said. “Apps are like businesses for your phone, but you have to make them in dorm rooms.”

All Katrina needed was a name.

“I listed a bunch of tongue-twisters, playground games, and vegetables,” Katrina said. “Then I combined a few words, removed a few vowels, and I had an app name: Quibblr.”

Quibblr is already gaining huge traction in the VC community. “We just finished our first round of seed funding and we got a few key angel investors,” Katrina said. “They really love the name.”

Now, Katrina is working on figuring out what Quibblr does. “I don’t know if it should be VR, AI, or AR,” Katrina said. “It could even be a reimagined social machine learning neural network for creatives. The options are limitless.”

Under Katrina’s spirited leadership, the Quibblr team is growing rapidly. “Right now, we need someone who owns a suit to handle the business side,” Katrina said. “We’re also looking for a tired-looking guy in sweatpants and flip-flops to handle the tech side. I’ll handle naming things.”

“I posted in different Penn Facebook groups looking for passionate team players who are comfortable receiving credit and compensation that are deeply disproportionate to their effort,” Katrina said.

Katrina does not want Quibblr to run like a traditional business, instead favoring a youth-centric approach.“I’m getting Quibblr shot glasses that I’ll give to you if you promise to download the app once it actually exists,” Katrina said. “Guerrilla marketing.”

As they head to Silicon Valley, the future looks bright for Katrina. “I’m also selling a bunch of furniture and a shoe organizer because I’m dropping out, so hit me up if you want that,” she said.