BREAKING: Californian Takes Pictures in Snow


Photo by jill111 / CC0

Freshman Alicia Miller (C ‘21) had never seen snow before she came to Penn. As a native of Los Angeles, Lu considered a hoodie and sweats to be dressing for winter. When the first snowfall came, Alicia hopped out of her bed and sprinted to the window.

“It’s snowing!” she shouted to her roommate, who was from Philadelphia, or a suburb, rather. Alicia couldn’t contain her excitement as she raced through the halls of her dorm and onto Locust Walk.

There, she spotted almost everyone from her SoCal (that’s Southern California FYI) group chat already outside taking pictures. Alicia quickly realized she needed to as well. Finding a buddy, she went around campus taking generic snow-themed pictures— one throwing snow in the air and laughing, one in front of the Love statue covered in snow, and one laying on the ground making snow angels.

She quickly transferred them to Instagram and Facebook, where, to her dismay, dozens of her Californian friends were already posting identical photos. With captions that referenced their unfamiliarity with snow and also used puns that involved the word “snow,” her friends had beaten her to the snow photo fiesta.

Alicia was disappointed because she wouldn’t get as many likes, but glad that she was a part of this cultural exchange. She couldn’t wait for colder weather.