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Four Scarves That Say "I'm Taking a Poetry Course this Semester"


Photo by Max Pixel / CC 2.0

Are you enrolled in a poetry class this semester but unsure about how to command the respect you deserve?

No need to worry! Here are four scarves that will say, "Listen up you uncultured swine. I'm taking a poetry course this semester."

1. Let everyone know you can explicate a Shakespearean sonnet with this sophisticated pashmina.


Photo by Berndbitzer / CC0

2. This scarf is a classic with a modern twist; it's a great way to show that you're enrolled in Modern & Contemporary American poetry.


Photo by Spreadshirt / CC BY-2.0

3. Publicize your status as a global scholar and your rejection of the western canon of poetry with this daring scarf.


Photo by Clem OnojeghuoCC0

4. Enrolled in a poetry course that is cross-listed in the Creative Writing department? This scarf says, "I don't need to study others' poetry because I can just write my own"