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Group Project Falls Through Due to Lack of Passive-Aggressive Meeting Coordination Texts


Photo by Robbin Higgins / CC0

Cool! Your GEOL 439: “Rocks Rock” class has a final project instead of an exam. You have to stay on campus until the 21st anyway because of that one damn statistics exam scheduled super late, but still, cool!

The project is with a group, too! That’s sick—you can pretend you worked on your part of the project for days when you actually just haphazardly assembled it the night before it was due, although you probably would have done that if it were an individual assignment, too.

Someone in your group started a group message to coordinate meet-ups. You didn’t save any of your teammates numbers, of course, so you try associating their names with their area codes. However, you also don’t actually know their names, so that doesn’t work. Faces it is!

The project is due tomorrow, so your team should probably meet to create a semi-cohesive product. Below is a transcript of your messages:

You, 3:17 pm: "Hey guys, when’s everyone free to meet so we can get this project done?"

You, 3:43 pm: "I can book a GSR."

You, 3:45 pm: "Just kidding, they’re all full until next Wednesday at 3 am."

Boy with kind eyes and area code (734), 5:14 pm: "I can meet soon."

You, 5:21 pm: "Cool! Anyone else?"

You, 6:13 pm: "?? Okay MBA Café at 7?"

You, 7:09 pm: "I’m at a table near the back."

Girl with dimples, 11:36 pm: "SO sorry, I just saw all these! What’s the plan?"

Damn, you half-assed everyone else’s parts alone in the MBA café. You probably should have been more passive-aggressive in your texts. Your project was trash, but at least your name is first on the PowerPoint.