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Remarkable! This Student Manages to Reveal Her Privilege in Every Class Contribution


Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom / CC0

Remarkable! Alex Novak (C'18) somehow finds a way to reveal her privileged socioeconomic status every single time she participates in class.

Her method of revealing this privilege varies. She often references her home on the Upper East Side - leading into a tangentially related comment on the class reading on Asian urban poverty with, "At my home on the Upper East Side..."  She also alludes to elite travel destinations.  She began her report on domestic politics with, "On my recent trip to Bali..."  It's hard to believe that someone can find a way to tie these overt displays of privilege back to unrelated course materials, but Novak always does!

Recently, Novak has grown less creative in displaying her privilege.  She'll just state her connections to powerful people outright; for example, she started her critique of Thoreau's Walden with "The President of Lionsgate is a family friend..."  Just yesterday, she interrupted a classmate's presentation on identity politics, beginning her interruption with, "So my dad is a high-ranking government official..." 

Has she tainted her classmates' experience beyond the point of return? Probably. One thing, though, is for sure: Novak's class participation grade is going to be very impressive!