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Modern Day Robin Hood: This Girl Steals Handles From Frats and Gives Them to Freshmen in Need


Photo by Intel Free Press / CC-BY SA 2.0

College freshman Meghan Spinelli told UTB how a life-changing experience has inspired her to give back. “A few weekends ago I accidentally left a frat party with a full handle of Bankers vodka. They had already played ‘Closing Time’ by Semisonic, so I knew there was no turning back. I ended up sneaking the bottle back into the quad and hiding it in a hole I made in my Twin XL mattress. You can never be too careful — I hear room checks are pretty strict,” explained Spinelli.

“The next night, my hallmates wanted to pregame for a downtown, but ran out of alcohol. Everyone was so disappointed by the prospect of potentially remembering their Friday night,” Spinelli recounted. “Then it occurred to me: I could give them the Bankers from the night before! I know stealing is wrong, but sometimes you have to break the rules to help those who can’t help themselves.” 

After this experience, Spinelli vowed to continue to steal alcohol for those in need, no matter the cost. “Seeing their bright smiles and glazed-over eyes made it all worth it.”

Faith in humanity = restored.