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Students Hold Candlelight Vigil for Lyn's


Photo by Lila Gutstein

Yesterday afternoon, a crowd of mourning Penn students gathered on the corner of 36th and Spruce at the exact spot where Lyn's food truck usually sits. The group was honoring Lyn's, the mobile breakfast food mogul who was taken from us far too early. The truck has been gone since November 20th and will not return until January 20th.

Student leaders Karis Uberoi and Nadia Stephen (C '18) led the group in a prayer, while other attendees lit candles in broad daylight and tearfully recounted their favorite memories with the egg sandwich connoisseur.

“I’ll never forget that time Lyn looked at me and asked ‘bacon, egg and cheese on a sesame bagel with salt pepper ketchup?’ Before I could even even say anything, she added ‘and Sriracha?’ It’s like, she knows me so well. She might be gone from our lives but she is certainly not forgotten,” whimpered Stephen.

Students then took turns honoring Lyn’s memory by sharing the number of times she remarkably remembered their orders, as well as the times when she fondly recounted her NYU Law days and explained her passion for panda bear hats. 

In an attempt to encourage the crowd to celebrate the time we had with Lyn and end the event on a positive note, Uberoi recommended that students try some new food trucks in the meantime, even explaining that "many other trucks on campus also sell egg and cheese sandwiches at a reasonable price”. 

The group let out a collective gasp, denounced Uberoi as a “Buis Supporter”, and continued mourning.