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2% of Your Beiler's Order Can Go Toward Saving Biopond Turtles Tomorrow


Photo by Kowloonese / CC 3.0

If you visit the 39th Street Beiler's location tomorrow, be sure to say the word "turtle" at the time of checkout.  If you do, a hefty 2% of your entire order will go toward Save the Turtles, a fund that attempts to return the Biopond turtles to their rightful home.

Just last year, the Biopond's turtles were nearly euthanized because they were seen as an "invasive species."  After a media firestorm about the potential euthanasia, the turtles were instead relocated to another area while the pond was drained and restored.  "We haven't heard anything about the status of these turtles since, and we want answers," said Save the Turtles organizer Jen Hines (C '20).  

Hines is hopeful that the whopping 2% of Beiler's sales tomorrow will provide Save the Turtles with a hefty sum of cash.  This money is necessary in order for the group to continue solving the mystery of the turtles' whereabouts. Hines adopted the popular fundraising format used by many Greek organizations on campus: and reportedly, Penn Police are on standby in case they need to shut down the event at any moment.

Who knew saving turtles could taste this good?