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Amazing! Sophomore Managed to Run Through Every Embarrassing Moment in Her Life on Walk to 9 AM Spanish Class


Photo by The Daily Pennsylvanian

The skill and complexity of Penn students are often hard for those outside the Penn bubble to even begin to conceptualize. On a standard stroll down Locust Walk, you could meet an up-and-coming filmmaker who is also dedicated to community service, a talented vocalist who is also pre-med, or even a basketball star who is curing cancer. Although there are many talented Quakers, one of the standouts in this competitive and accomplished environment is Kaitlin Rogers (C '20) who is able to recall every single embarrassing moment in her life on her way to 9 am Spanish class.

Rogers' friend Suzanne Reynolds was in disbelief when she first found out about Rogers' talent. “I didn’t even think it was possible to remember EVERY embarrassing moment in such a short time,” Rogers said outside Harrison College House. “At first, I assumed she just might not have that many embarrassing moments, but then I was like, hold up. Kaitlin’s whole life is just one big series of embarrassing moments. And she’s able to run through them ALL in a quick six-minute walk. I’m so impressed by her.”

When asked how she was able to get through every moment in such a short walk, Rogers said it was a mix of practice and focus. “I’ve had a lot of experience in my life recalling my embarrassing moments,” she said in a conversation on Locust. “Sometimes I remember the moments while hanging out with friends, sometimes while just chilling in my room watching Netflix; they all just kind of flood into my mind. Sometimes I recall embarrassing moments in the middle of an embarrassing moment. It's like a fun, kind of meta take on That’s So Raven, except instead of the future, I see a highlight reel of all the times I’ve peed myself in public.”

Although impressed by Rogers' skill, when asked about the specific embarrassing moments, 85% of passersby said, "Nobody fucking cares," a statistic that sits in stark contrast with Rogers' belief that, "Everyone cares always."

"Yeah, nobody really keeps track of each embarrassing thing Kaitlin does besides Kaitlin," said Reynolds.  "Except for that time she peed herself in Houston. I'll literally never forget that."