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​Dept. of Treasury Confirms Penn Food Truck Industry is Only Thing Keeping Cash Currency in Circulation


Photo from The Daily Pennsylvanian

Speaking to reporters today, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced that University City’s food trucks were the only thing keeping United States print currency in circulation.

Penn’s food trucks are almost all cash only. “If it weren’t for these trucks, we would have closed the mints years ago,” Mnuchin said.

Trucks such as Nora’s, Lyn’s, and Bui’s are staples of Penn students' diet and all require cash. “I don’t really know who Nora, Lyn, and Bui are, but they saved the dollar bill,” Mnuchin said.

The food trucks have not prevented change entirely. “We’ve ceased production of $50 and $100 bills already,” Mnuchin said. “What kind of douche uses those at a food truck?”

Other changes are imminent. “In 2019, we’re going to roll out a $6 bill for use at Halal trucks,” Mnuchin said. ”Chicken over rice will probably be $7 by then though, so we might have to rethink that.”

A few trucks, such as Chez Yasmine, accept Venmo. “We are watching these developments closely,” Mnuchin said. “We’ve been ready to switch to a Venmo-based economy for several years, but the other trucks are holding us back.”

Spending habits at BYOs also contributed to the move away from cash. "I fronted the money for a giant bill at Ken's with my card and some dude tried to give me cash instead of accepting my Venmo charge," Mnuchin said. "I know then that something had to change."