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Junior Marked 'Interested in' Event at the Electric Factory on Facebook, Now She's a Key Member of Philly's Underground Scene


Photo from Pixabay / CC0

When Rebecca Carter saw on Facebook that As the Crow Flies was performing at the Electric Factory she knew she was in. And by in, I mean interested in.

Carter has never listened to As the Crow Flies. In fact, she has never even heard of them. However, she saw that her friend Amy was going to the event, and Amy is super cool. Amy wore Doc Martens with fishnets that one time, so Carter knew she was the real deal.

Shortly after Carter hit that “Interested in” button, she saw her Messenger app blow up with PMs from strangers inviting her to basement concerts. Confused, she looked at her Facebook notifications and saw she had been invited to a slew of events, including a rally for punk rights, a “Not Just Food But Friends” animal activist meat market, and an open mic for poetry about Marxism.

She did it. Carter had become an integral member of Philly’s underground scene, and she had the Facebook group to prove it. “Yes I am now very active in the closed group ‘Counterculture of PHL,’” Carter boasted.

The group has almost 27,000 members that post anything from links to their Bandcamps to pictures of their old Phish albums they are trying to sell. Carter has yet to post, but she has reportedly been utilizing reacts and even tagging friends on the shared articles about the maleffects of Canada Goose on the ecosystem.

When asked if she ever attended any of the events she's been invited to, Carter responded “Oh no. I haven't really had the time with all the date nights going on.”