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​Girl Who Just Got Back From Italy Thrilled to Return to Drinking 32 Oz of Hot Milk


Photo from pxhere / CC0

After a semester of studying abroad in Rome, junior Sophia Scutt has become accustomed to Italian food and culture. Her Instagram and Facebook boast filtered pictures of pizza, pasta, and, best of all, artisan coffee.

Coffee culture in Italy is very different than that in America: drinks are much smaller and far more espresso based. In fact, Starbucks, and all of its sugary sweetness, doesn’t even exist in Italy.

As much as Scutt loved showing off her cultural knowledge on social media, as soon as she stepped off her plane home, she headed right for a Trenta Caramel Macchiato.

“I was paying the same price for 4 ounces of bitterness while I was away,” Scutt laments. “There’s honestly nothing like an giant cup of steamed milk.”

Scutt's not wrong. I mean, what looks better, this cup of sewer water-like liquid or this delicious, caramel-drizzled cup of invitingly warm dairy? 

Looking back on her trip, Scutt complains, “all of these Italians are actually posers. They think they are so fancy with their little cups and their small biscuits. I know they all secretly want a cake pop and a cinnamon chai latté.”

When it comes down to it, American culture isn’t just about things such as free speech and democracy, but rather about that lack of pretentiousness concerning food and being able to pay for coffee with an app.