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It’s Cold Now So You Have Permission to Look Like a Dog Sled Operator


Photo by Skeeze / CC0

With temperatures averaging in the 30s this past week, it's safe to say that it's cold outside. That means one thing and one thing only: you now officially have permission to look like one of those dog sled operators.  

Ideally, you'll want to be so bundled up that onlookers mistake you for a dog sled operator.  If someone approaches you and asks, "Where are your six Alaskan huskies and your sled?" you're probably doing it correctly.

Once it becomes warm again, you will no longer have permission to look like a dog sled operator.  If it is above 50 degrees outside and someone asks you, "Where are your six Alaskan huskies and your sled?" then you have made a mistake, since you shouldn't look like a dog sled operator when it is not freezing outside. 

In the meantime, go ahead and enjoy this cold weather by indulging your temptation to dress exactly like Cuba Gooding Jr. in the hit Disney film Snow Dogs (2002).