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M&T Junior Excited to Work at Startup That Will Eventually Usher Black Mirror Episodes Into Reality


Photo by mezclaconfusa / CC 2.0

With so much of Penn’s population enamored with the seemingly endless possibilities for wealth available in the realm of Silicon Valley startups, it’s easy to grow disillusioned when yet another junior starts hyping up how he’s going to leverage deep learning and Bayesian networks to make lots and lots of money. However, when Fernando Alvarez (EW ‘19) locked down his summer internship over break, he knew that he was going to be a part of something that would have a real impact on humanity. 

“I was definitely interested when they showed me the mockups for the chips that are going to be implanted directly into consumers' brains to allow them to live out simulated versions of the lives they pretend to live on social media, but once they mentioned that no one using the chips would realize that technology was at the root of their sadness, I knew I’d found a company I could call home,” Alvarez told UTB while working on a prototype for a service that allows users to cut out the middleman and just become the cell phones they can’t live without.

Alvarez ensures us that technology isn’t to blame, claiming that “once we’ve all uploaded our consciousnesses to the cloud, all of the world’s issues will disappear.”