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Local Student Sublets Mom's House


Photo by Skullman / CC0

Charlie Sullivan (W '19) was always a momma’s boy. He would do the dishes without being asked, made beautiful Mother’s Day cards accompanied with fancy bouquets, and always complimented her handmade pasta sauce art (even though it was disgusting). He was the best son a mother could ask for, and his mom knew it. She always kept the way Charlie treated her in her mind, and hoped that one day she would be able to return the favor.

Now a junior, Sullivan is struggling to keep up in today’s consumer world with almost no income. Despite hearing the classic MILF jokes, Sullivan decided to sublet his mom’s house to a few of his buddies from school. He approached his mother with a well-thought out pitch.

“Hey, Mom, uh, some guys from school are going to crash here for a while. I hope that’s okay with you. It may take a few days or maybe even years for them to get back on their feet.”

Sullivan received an enthusiastic response. “Oh, of course, honey! I’m so excited! Oh boy, it’ll be like having kids in the home all over again! I’ll have snacks ready for them as soon as they come home from school. Is Marcus coming? He’s adorable, that one! That baby face reminds me of when you were younger! Aw, this is so exciting!”

So, with his business-oriented mind (Sullivan had received one of the few As on his MGMT 100 team), Sullivan managed to receive a passive income and make his mom happy while doing so. Great work, Charlie.