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Meet the Guy Who Ditched a Wall Street Job for Blockchain


Photo from Flickr / CC BY 2.0

The craze behind cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is at an all-time high, which you already know unless you're busy with your "real" and "stable" currencies. Many have begun to pursue careers in the field in the hopes of realizing the technology’s full potential.

Harry Callahan (W ’18) is proud to be one of them.

He had a coveted private equity job lined up at Blackstone; then, all of a sudden, he decided to ride the wave, after being introduced to Ethereum by his uncle. “I think blockchain is going to be really disruptive. We can really decentralize anything,” he told us, whatever that means.

Though most of blockchain technology’s potential lies in the fact that it enables decentralization—taking away power from a single authority—it doesn’t seem like Callahan really cares about that. After all, he's concentrating in Management and is the president of his fraternity.

Now, Callahan can be seen frequenting coinmarketcap.com, constantly checking the prices of different cryptocurrencies.

“Bitcoin’s price once went down $4000 in a single day and he was telling me that he should have shorted it," reported one of Callahan’s friends. "He said the technology behind it is really stupid."

We at UTB wish Callahan the best of luck as he tackles this new and exciting field.