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Prank Fail! Penn Deleted All Non-Double-Counting Courses, But No One Noticed


Photo by Joy Lee / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Look. We know the Penn administration has a ways to go before they earn our love and trust. But we have to appreciate how much they try to win us over.

Seriously though guys--if you want to make us laugh, put a little thought into it. I know, I know. It probably sounded really good in their heads:

Hey, wouldn’t it be a real knee-slapper if we just deleted 99% of classes from PennInTouch and only left the ones that double-counted? Hyuk, hyuk.”

Show of hands: Did anyone chuckle? Smile, even just a little? Did anyone even notice the change? We decided to hit the streets and find out how this change has affected the student body. 

“All courses double count now?” scoffed senior Sam Schweisman (C ‘18). “I mean, doesn’t every course do that already? I mean, why would they even make courses that don’t fill at least two requirements? What plebs would take those?”

“We’re supposed to be an interdisciplinary school,” noted Sarah Hoffman (C ‘21).  “If the English department can’t manage to inject some JavaScript into Shakespeare, I really don’t see why they should even exist. How else am I supposed to fulfill the quantitative requirement?”

You can say that again. 

If the administration really wanted to get our attention, they could do any number of things. Like, for example, make the dining plan optional, abolish grades, or give us free printing. Those are some pranks that would get our attention!