OP-ED: I Don’t Care That You Won the Nobel Prize, I’m Still Not Raising Your Credit Cap


Photo from Wikimedia Commons / CC0

Why don’t you sit yourself down?

Look, I know you think you’re going to be able to handle more than four classes this semester. I remember when I was young and hot-headed just like you.

Sure, you may think that taking three engineering classes and two gen-eds will be doable. But believe me, work piles up fast.

Yes, you might not graduate on time. And yes, those folks in Stockholm think you’re hot stuff.

Let me make myself clear. Just because you got through ten rounds of Nobel committee evaluation, doesn’t mean that you’re going to get through me.

I don’t care that your friends are taking seven classes and graduating early with a Master's. Your credit cap was set at 4.5 CU by people far more experienced than you and you’d best believe it’s not budging.

You need to slow down. Life’s a marathon, not a sprint. When all of your friends are stressed out with their high octane corporate jobs, you’ll be thanking me.

Who knows, you might even end up becoming a course adviser yourself!

It’ll probably be your only choice.