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Freshman Who Set Snapchat to Celsius Over Break Still Has No Clue How to Change it Back


Photos (with edits by MJ Kang) by Julio Sosa / The Daily Pennsylvanian and David Martin / Public Domain

With break squarely in the rearview mirror and students everywhere beginning to cobble together plans to visit warm beaches and exotic locations for Spring Break, one freshman must first grapple with technology in a situation reminiscent of a rejected Black Mirror episode.

Things were all fun and games for Anderson Robbins over Winter Break; he spent his free time road-tripping around the northeastern seaboard and snapping pictures of the great outdoors for all of his devoted followers on social media to see. While his Snapchat story was pulling okay numbers, deep down inside Robbins feared that he wasn’t putting himself in the best position possible to earn more clout over break. Some kids were posting bougie pictures from palatial Caribbean estates, while others were showing off the wholesome game nights they were sharing with their extended family. In comparison, not too many people seemed to give a shit about the blurry picture of some especially tall trees he had taken a few days ago. Luckily, inspiration struck Robbins as he sat in the backseat of his mom’s minivan, shivering softly in the 34℉ New England climate.

If people weren’t going to be impressed by the locations he was visiting they’d at least be impressed by the temperatures he was braving to get those shots, especially if they saw the number zero on their screens. Even though he was a red-blooded American who saluted his Imperial System conversion guide every night before bed, Robbins was sure that everyone he knew would be really impressed that he was vacationing in places cold enough to require both a coat and a hat. All throughout break Robbins sent out snaps showcasing the fact that he was braving frigid -2℃ temperatures, and the results spoke for themselves. “Like seven more people were watching my stories, and I even think Alexis from the third floor clicked on them a few times,” Robbins told us while profusely blushing, unaware of the fact that Alexis had accidentaly clicked on his story while drunkenly scrolling through Snapchat on New Year's Eve and unfollowed him soon after.

Unfortunately, Robbins is now paying the price for his otherwise ingenious plan. “I still don’t really remember how I changed it to Celsius, to be honest. I’ve checked every possible menu item and nothing talks about using the metric system. I’ve been trying to do the conversion in my head but 'half the temperature plus seven' never seems to give me the right answer.” At press time, Robbins was unsure whether he needed to wear Bean Boots and a scarf or shorts and a t-shirt in the 11℃ weather his phone was reporting.